Safe House is an invite-only membership circle exclusively tailored for entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs in Europe and the Middle East.

Building a company is tough and doing it alone is even harder. Success requires not just skill but also cultivating trust within a network. Joining a community of peers who have been in your shoes can offer mentorship, strategies, and crucial connections.

This is where Safe House steps in, providing a vetted network that can elevate your worth as a founder, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Meet your new personal board of directors who’ve been there, done that.

We don’t work with potential—only proven track records. From self-funded startups to venture-backed scaleups, join success-verified individuals from a diverse array of industries.

For those who seek wisdom, belonging, protection and connection: Welcome to your new tribe. Welcome to Safe House.

Building a "Prototype Village of the Future" as a living lab for alternative socio-economic systems and tech innovations.

🇨🇭 Ralph Horat
President, Next Gen Village Association

Crafting tech-enabled D2C health & wellness brands in Europe, including Spacegarden and SWISS FX.

🇩🇪 René Linden
Co-Founder, Deep Green Group

At Readdle, shaping the "future of work" with leading productivity apps like Scanner Pro and Calendars.

🇺🇦 Denys Zhadanov
Board Member, Readdle

Specialist in positioning top-tier professionals for elite companies with over 100M Euros turnover, maintaining a 90% success rate.

🇩🇪 Maximilian Aulinger
CEO, Trust & Transparency

Global marketing leader and ICF ACC certified coach with a track record in leading brand strategy and performance.

🇷🇺 Andrey Zarayskiy
Director, Japan Tobacco International

Raised >$100m in funding, angel investor in 30+ tech and impact companies, with a focus on transformative, deep-tech ideas.

🇩🇪 Christian Schroeder
Founder, 10x Value Partners
Monthly Core Groups
Join a curated crew of 8 founders

Join a handpicked group of 8 founders, guided by an executive facilitator. Dive deep into discussions, share insights, and get critical feedback to supercharge your business growth.

Digital Network
Engage in virtual masterminds

Engage with a dynamic digital community of founders. Benefit from expert advice, a tailored digital concierge, and a weekly dose of curated insights via our newsletter.

In-Person Community
Connect in dinners and events

Connect beyond screens. Revel in monthly dinners, annual retreats, and localized adventures to solidify your network and cultivate genuine relationships.

The Vetted List
Database of vetted specialists

Unlock our continuously updated list of industry-leading experts and services. Save time and effort by finding the best-fit professionals without the hassle.

Speaker Series / Education
Learn from the best minds

Learn from industry-leading minds through our curated workshops and sessions. Focusing on pivotal topics, we ensure you're consistently ahead of the curve.

Exclusive Perks
Enjoy various discount / perks

Amplify your toolset with exclusive discounts from sought-after software, tools, and apps. Plus, explore our extensive preferred vendor database for optimum choices.


€1M in revenue

If your enterprise proudly boasts a revenue of €1M or more, you demonstrate the growth and stability we admire. Safe House seeks leaders who've steered their ventures to financial success.


or €1.5M in funding

A testament to your business's potential and vision is having secured €1.5M or more in funding. We welcome founders whose ideas have captivated and garnered significant financial backing.


or a previous successful business exit

A prior successful business exit speaks volumes of your entrepreneurial acumen. At Safe House, we value and recognize founders who have previously charted successful entrepreneurial journeys.


Join the highly-vetted network for high-growth founders in Europe and the Middle East.

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